My interest in photography started way back when the mobile phones started to have cameras built in. 
The convenience of having that camera in your pocket encouraged me to take pictures where ever I go.
I eventually decided I needed to upgrade if i'm ever going to improve and this was when I purchased my first DSLR a Sony A500.

I still have this camera today but its not my main camera. I stayed with the Sony format and upgraded to an A77.

Most of the pictures on my site are taken with these camera's :)

With the encouragement from my lovely lady and my family I invite you to have a look at some pictures in my collection...........

If you like what you see and you think my work is of interest to you, contact me :)

A special thanks to people that have used a picture or two of mine on there websites/blogs ...

Magdalena Rasmus - My Life In Bournemouth Blog
Please have a look at her blog. Its a fantastic, easy to read article about Bournemouth and the surrounding area from a talented writers point of view. 

Christchurch council Gut Reaction newsletter for local food businesses

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